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Funny and endearing, sometimes a bit grumpy, Loup goes on a trip, does a lot of activities, explores the world and takes us on his imaginary adventures... From 4 years old, bag on his back and camera around his neck, your little wolves will love to follow him and share his discoveries

P'tit Loup is smaller and even cuter than the big one, but still as funny and touching! He takes the little ones into his daily life, to learn how to do everything like the big ones! From 2 years old, they will see P'tit loup skiing, becoming a big brother, going to the beach or going to school...

With the collection of P'tit Loup, Orianne Lallemand and Eléonore Thuillier wish to help children to understand and face the small worries of the everyday life. Important themes for the children approached in an original, tender and funny universe.