10 avantages de choisir des jouets en bois pour votre enfant

10 advantages of choosing wooden toys for your child

Why choose wooden toys when the trend is towards cheaper, easy-to-find plastic ones? Wooden toys often have much more to offer in terms of development. Here are the most convincing advantages of choosing wooden toys...
Les livres de bain, pour un rituel de détente ludique

Bath books for a playful ritual of relaxation

Reading is an essential ritual for your child's development, a special time for sharing. Bath books make this ritual possible even during the bath. The bathtime appointment is a joyful, playful moment. Your child will...
Le pouvoir magique des livres d'éveil sur le développement de bébé

The magical power of children's books on baby's development

Books have the unique power to stimulate our children's minds, nurture their curiosity and foster their intellectual growth. From as early as 4 months, babies move from discovering their own bodies to being able to grasp objects intentionally. That's it, baby's ready: the book...
Comment stimuler l'éveil à la lecture et à l'écriture des tout-petits

How to encourage toddlers to learn to read and write

Toddlers are real little sponges when it comes to learning! They absorb everything, everything, everything we show them. From discovering books to exploring words and sentences, to learning sounds and letters, we've got some practical advice to help your children...
Quel type de mobilier pour une salle de jeu stimulante?

What type of furniture for a stimulating playroom?

The ideal playroom is a place of imagination and discovery, where little ones can play and thrive. Here are some of our favorite design ideas, along with a handy list of essentials, so you can create a whimsical wonderland for your child.
Pourquoi les jouets non-toxiques sont importants pour les bébés

Why non-toxic toys are important for babies

The early years of your child's development are crucial, so it's important to pay attention to any aspects that may hinder the process. Since babies tend to explore their environment by putting things in their mouths, it makes sense to take a closer look at their toys. This...
L'emmaillotage : pourquoi et comment emmailloter bébé ?-Boutique LeoLudo

Swaddling: why and how to swaddle baby?

Discover the benefits of swaddling for your baby, and learn how to do it in a way that gives your baby a feeling of security and comfort similar to that felt in the womb. We tell you why you should consider swaddling your baby, and the steps you need to take...

Maisons de poupées: guide et conseils d'achat-Boutique LeoLudo

Dollhouses buying guide and tips

Discover our complete guide to buying a dollhouse. From the benefits and advantages of playing with these timeless toys, to our buying tips and a selection of the best models, we'll help you make the right choice for rich, stimulating imaginative play for your child!
La confiance en soi chez l'enfant-Boutique LeoLudo

Self-confidence in children

We would all like our children to feel good about themselves, to be able to assert themselves without crushing others, but this is not innate!

Self-confidence needs to be cultivated! So how can I help and encourage my child on a daily basis to feel good about...

Comment rendre le ramassage des jouets amusant pour les tout-petits ?-Boutique LeoLudo

How can we make toy picking fun for toddlers?

Cleaning is never fun. Not for adults. Nor for small children. But how do you get your preschooler to put away his toys when he's done playing? And how can you make cleaning up a little more fun for everyone?...
5 raisons d'offrir un coffret cadeau pour célébrer une naissance-Boutique LeoLudo

5 reasons to offer a gift set to celebrate a birth

If you're looking for a baby shower gift idea, we present 5 reasons why you should opt for a gift set.

Le dessin... même chez les bébés!-Boutique LeoLudo

Drawing... even for babies!

Let's talk of an activity of appearance if simple, so popular, but not so obvious: drawing!